Tracel Boysenberry Beauty Nutritional Drink

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With the rise of the "beauty value economy", more consumers are concerned about their appearance. Treating skin issues caused by factors like aging, stress, and environmental influences has become a primary concern for numerous consumers. The beauty supplement business is rocketing. The solution, which is healthier and safer, is preferred by many people.

According to nutritionists, beauty supplements are functional foods taken orally to realize skincare and beauty enhancement. They not only meet people's needs for food but also fulfill their pursuit of beauty.

As a representative of natural beauty supplement brands, Tracel from New Zealand perfectly aligns with the trend of the "beauty value economy." Its 100% natural plant extract-based "Tracel Boysenberry Beauty Nutritional Drink" helps consumers achieve a healthy and beautiful state from the inside out.

Adhering to New Zealand's natural nutrition philosophy, "Tracel Boysenberry Beauty Nutritional Drink" incorporates exclusive carbohydrate metabolism technology and UV-G-OX resistance technology to help brighten and improve skin tone at the root within 28 days, enhance glycation shielding and accelerate metabolism.

The boysenberry compound formula, 100% extracted from plants, contains a variety of natural ingredients such as boysenberry, New Zealand's "super berry", Lumenato, white onion, pomegranate, phyllanthus emblica, yeast in red grape, and olive fruit. It can effectively fight free radical damage, prevent sunlight damage and melanin deposition, and inhibit glycation absorption at the root. In that way, it manages to delay aging and enhance skin firmness and elasticity, contributing to a delicate and bright complexion, thus bringing a new lifestyle featuring UV-G-OX resistance to global consumers.


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